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Globe Valve
Globe Valve are mechanical type regulating devices that are designed for the high pressure hydraulic systems that are equipped movable plug and a ring seat within the body to control the flow volume. 
Plug Valves
Plug Valves are high performance flow control devices that are fixed with tapered plugs fixed within the valve body to increase or decrease the rate of the liquid flowing through them. They are designed for the high pressure industrial systems.
Ball Valve
The offered range of Ball Valve are designed as per the industrial standards by using heavy engineering materials that make them capable to resist high temperature and pressure. These hydraulic units are available in various different sizes and designs.
Gate Valve
Gate Valve are inline type flow control devices that are used to adjust the flow level or to completely stop the liquid passing through the body of the valve. These units are provided with circular flanged ends that makes it very easier to connect them to the pipelines with the help of mechanical fasteners.
Check Valve
Check Valve are flow control units that are especially designed to make a unidirectional flowing channel to allow the liquid to flow in one direction only for the prevention of backflow. They are manufactured by using top quality engineering materials for higher strength and rigidity.

Piston Valve
Piston Valve are heavy duty fluid motion controller that makes it very easier to adjust the flow rate along a tube or a pipe with the help of a linear piston fixed within the body of the valve. These units are machined with high precision to provide excellent dimensional accuracy. 

Butterfly Valves offered, can be used for isolating or regulating flow. These valves are used where space is limited. They are widely appreciated by our customers, for its high quality. They require very low maintenance and replacement costs. They are very cost effective to use. 

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